A poorly insulated house loses heat more quickly than properly insulated properties.

A lack of insulation can also cause damp conditions, resulting in mould growth, dry rot, an increased risk of wood boring insects and damage to furniture and possessions. Cold, damp living conditions can have an adverse effect on health, leading to complaints such as chest infections, breathing problems, joint pain, skins complaints and mental health problems.

Better insulation ensures that heat is retained inside a building, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the property warm; which means a reduction in fuel bills, as well as CO2 production.

Types of insulation include:

Loft insulation

A house with poor or no loft insulation can lose as much as 25 per cent of its heat through the roof. Loft insulation involves fitting a layer of material in the loft space, which traps heat in pockets.

As part of Sanctuary Group’s work to improve the energy efficiency of your home, we want to make sure the insulation in your loft space is the right thickness. In homes where the insulation is inadequate we will put top-up insulation into the loft space.

To ensure the condition of the insulation in your home is correctly logged, please complete the online Condition of Your Home Form. This form gives you the opportunity to tell us about the condition of your home and, in conjunction with the information held on our database, helps us to plan for future improvement work.

Savings – Correctly installed loft insulation could save a household £150 a year in heating bills and one tonne of CO2.

Cavity wall insulation

A house can lose up to one third of its heat through the walls. This is particularly pronounced in houses with cavity walls: external walls made of two layers with a small gap or cavity between them. Cavity wall insulation fills this gap, making it harder for heat to escape.

Savings - Insulating wall cavities can save a household an average of £115 per year in heating bills.

External wall insulation

Insulating external walls is a good energy saving solution for homes that have solid, studded or timber framed walls. These types of wall can lose heat even more quickly than cavity walls. External wall insulation involves fitting a layer of insulation to the external walls of a property to slow down this heat loss.

Savings – External wall insulation can save a household up to £400 a year in heating bills.

What is Sanctuary doing?

Since 2003 Sanctuary has undertaken a comprehensive programme to install loft and cavity wall insulation to all its rented properties to a level beyond building regulations. This aims to ensure our properties are warm, well insulated and cost effective to heat. We have also undertaken pilot projects to trial the use of different external wall insulating products.